My name is Jennifer (West) Chiappisi.  I grew up in Hicksville, Ohio, graduated there in 1996, and then got my Bachelors (studying VCT) at Bowling Green State University.  I currently live in Gahanna, Ohio with my wonderful husband Tristan and my sweet black lab Bananas.

Web Design/Development

I am also an extremely passionate and creative web designer/developer in the Columbus, Ohio area who is always seeking additional freelance opportunities in which I can grow and put my ever-increasing web design/devel talents to good use.

I started out college with an interest in math and teaching, and essentially found my true calling for web/graphic design while doing freelance design work for banner advertising for Link Exchange. Though expenses drove me out of college until I was twenty-four, I pushed myself to head back to college and finish my four-year degree – a drive to succeed that I carry with me to this day.

This drive and hunger to know more has challenged me to keep learning new technologies and techniques; to continuously offer the best solutions to my clients and employers, essentially giving them innovative ways to reach their viewers and potential customers.  This drive and hunger has also led me to run my own business: Fourth Floor Interactive, a web design/development & interactive consultation firm.  You can check it out at: FourthFloorInteractive.com.

Baking • Decorating

Upon realizing my dream of succeeding in my career, I started to realize something else: exercising creativity in my free-time should not consist of web design or development.  I needed a new way to be creative that didn’t potentially negatively affect my business so I turned to something that I have always been interested in but had never taken the time for: baking and decorating.

This blog will record my journey from a Betty-Crocker reject to (hopefully) someone who can make delicious and beautiful baked goods.  Within my entries I will be sharing my troubles, my successes and any tips I’ve learned along the way.  Hopefully I can not only share my journey with you but also help you with your baking and decorating issues.