Melted Snowmen: The Finale

Posted by Jen Chiappisi on Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 in Decorating

I finally finished my cookie decorating. This week got a little more hectic than planned and I had less time to play with my baking and decorating pieces in the evenings than I would liked. But I suppose, better late than never. Plus, while slightly-old cookies are still great to decorate, it makes them less tempting to devour them all after the decorating is done.

Check out the Melted Snowmen: The Beginning to see where our story is starting from and to get an idea of how to do the first portion of this project.

The Decorating

First up, I ended up using fondant to finish off my snowmen.  I had actually debated between using fondant or using the icing for these portions.  I realized that icing would involve multiple bags (for the different colors) and I wasn’t entirely sure of what consistency would allow me to have carrot noses that stayed put and stood up correctly, so I ended up going the easier route of fondant.  Now I had never even worked with fondant before doing the half circle heads of the snowmen, so needless to say, I was a little nervous.  I figured at the least I would have Wilton cake decorating coloring all over my hands, but to be honest, it wasn’t really that bad.  In fact, fondant reminded me of Silly Putty or modeling clay.

Carrot Nose

I flattened out a small bit of fondant and added a little bit of red and decent amount of yellow Wilton gel coloring to the middle of the flat side.  I then folded the fondant over & over again until it had absorbed most of the color before really working it to blend the color evenly.  This folding the color in really helped to keep the coloring in the fondant and off of my fingers.  My suggestion, don’t put a lot of coloring in at once or most of it will end up on your fingers – this I learned when making the darker colors.

After getting the coloring correct I pulled off a very small amount of fondant and rolled it between my fingers to make a cone shape for the carrot nose.  I then placed these on a piece of parchment paper to harden a little, pressing down to flattened the base and make them easier to apply to my snowman.

Brown ‘Coal’ Eyes

It’s tough to get black when you have the coloring gel starter kit which consists of Red, Yellow, Green and Blue colors.  Generally it’s good to have a black color as mixing all of the above makes a very muddy brown color.  I used mainly Red, Blue and a little bit of Green to get a color that I deemed was dark enough to use for the ‘coal’ eyes and twigs for arms.

To make the eyes I took a super small piece from the brown fondant and then generally cut that in half.  The smaller the better.  These eyes that I made were literally smaller than a pin head on a sewing pin to give you an idea of size comparision.

Stick Arms

To make the stick arms, I used the same brown fondant rolled incredibly thin (about the width of a toothpick).  These long sections I would then cut off at the right length  and then attach ‘branches’ to them to make them look more like sticks off of actual trees.  To do this I would cut another smaller piece of thin, rolled brown fondant and cross it at an angle with the main stick for the arm.  I would then roll my fingers around the main stick right where the newly attached branch connected with it.  Sometimes this would cause the rest of the branch to go parallel to the main stick, so afterwords I would gently pull the branch end away from the main stick.  Adding this portion I think really helped give the stick arms a bit more realism.

Securing Snowmen Parts

It was very easy to attach these parts to the snowmen.  After letting them harden up a bit, they didn’t damage at all really under the amount of pressure needed to place them on the snowmen.  All that was needed was a little bit of icing like was used in the bodies for glue to attach the fondant body parts to the snowmen themselves.  In the case of the carrot noses, sometimes I needed to hold those in place slightly longer.  With the stick arms, I actually placed the arms and dripped icing on top of them to make them seem as though they were coming out of the melted body.

Buttons and Other Embellishments

I created light blue dots and poked a toothpick in four spots on flattened circles to create buttons that were placed on the melted body of the snowman and I also messed around with a few different options for hats.  Another idea is to add something to the snowmen’s hands if you wish, such as snowballs or in light of the holiday upcoming, perhaps a heart.  The possibilities are really endless.

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Comments on “Melted Snowmen: The Finale”

  • Sarah says:

    Awesome article! I’ve seen a bunch of these melted snowmen images but I love your design and easy-to-understand directions. I think you’ve convinced me to try to make some before winter is over.

  • Jen Chiappisi says:


    Glad to hear it Sarah – be sure to send some photos when you do! =)

  • Beth Maurer says:

    These are SO cute!!! I might have to make some with my kids. I am glad that the frosting recipe worked out so well for you. And, nice work with the fondant, your hats are so sweet.. Coloring fondant can be a pain, but you sound like you have a good tech. Keep up the wonderful work, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  • Linda says:

    Your snowmen are adorable! I love the different hats they are wearing. Great job!

  • Joe N Baldwin says:

    I want to thank the blogger very much not only for this post but also for her all previous efforts. I found to be greatly interesting. I will be coming back to for more information.

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